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Alex Rupérez

Published: 29 May 08:38
Alejandro Rupérez alexruperez starred Osis/simple_fb_html5_sidebar

simple_fb_html5_sidebar - A simple sliding menu in...

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HTML5 Facebook Style Sliding Menu Using Twitter Bootstrap Collapse

Ever since Facebook, and other “super” apps started to implement a side menu that slides out for their main navigation, this pattern has pretty much turned into the standard for any application that has a lot of content and a complex navigation stack. Organizing information with a sliding menu is becoming increasingly common, as numerous success stories of companies taking a “mobile first” approach has encouraged many to publish as much content on our mobile devices as possible.

This all there is to making a simple sliding menu in HTML5. You can check out a working example, with stub content, here. Hopefully, hardware acceleration will continue to improve in mobile browsers, across all platforms, to the point where performance differences using this UI pattern are negligible.

More information about this demo can be found [here] (