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Alex Rupérez

Published: 16 Aug 11:56
Alejandro Rupérez alexruperez created repository Coverflow

Coverflow Implementation using PSTCollectionView (iOS5 supported...

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Coverflow Implementation using PSTCollectionView (iOS5 supported UICollectionView)


This is an iPhone project implementing Coverflow using iOS5 PSTCollectionViews (iOS5 supported UICollectionViews) and a custom PSTCollectionViewLayout


View it in action here:

Yes, Apple demoed this at WWDC but I think the interpolation technique I use is rather neat and allows you to easily adjust the layout and behavior of the layout.

This proyect is based on schwa/Coverflow and steipete/PSTCollectionView.


CInterpolator objects are a little like CAKeyFrameAnimation objects except they're not necessarily time based. You can use them for (linear) key frame interpolation between any keys and values


  • The "Gloom" layer doesn't do a very good job with alpha backgrounds.
  • Aliasing is very obvious on straight edges when rotation.
  • Shadow needs to be longer to deal with perspective transform. See next item.
  • Need to specify manually the Y position of cells so that we can force cells to draw offscreen (for shadows). Or just rely on UIKit's ability to not clip to bounds.
  • Need to properly deal with aspect fill/fit images.