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Alex Rupérez

Published: 04 Oct 07:23
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🎃 Check how you're doing in hacktoberfest
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Hacktoberfest Checker

Build Status

Useful checker web app to see how close you are to achieving the requirements for a free t-shirt as part of Hacktoberfest.



I've stripped the app right back this year with a small lick of paint to match the new colour scheme. I really like the idea of it being a basic project that beginners can contribute to so wanted to keep it simple.

I have added some tickets so please take a look if you'd like to contribute or feel free to propose any ideas you may have.

Happy hacking!


  • Node v6.11.4 (LTS)

Recommended to use NVM

Running the app

  • Generate a GitHub personal access token to ensure you don't get rate limited as often.

  • Create a .env file using .env.example as an example. Or export the GitHub token as an environment variable for Node.js to use:

    • Mac/Linux: export GITHUB_TOKEN=YOUR_TOKEN
    • Windows (cmd.exe): set GITHUB_TOKEN=YOUR TOKEN
    • Windows (PowerShell): $env:GITHUB_TOKEN=YOUR TOKEN
  • $ yarn install

  • $ yarn start

  • Point browser to localhost:5000

Running the app within Docker

As an alternative to the section above, you can run the app within a Docker container:

  • $ docker build -t hacktoberfest-checker .

  • $ docker run -p 5000:5000 -e "GITHUB_TOKEN=YOUR_TOKEN" hacktoberfest-checker


MIT © 2015-2017 Ian Jenkins