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Alex Rupérez

Published: 04 Apr 08:57
I starred IGRSoft/IGRPhotoTweaks at GitHub.
Drag, Rotate, Scale and Crop
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IGRPhotoTweaks is a swift 4.0 library allow to expand an interface to crop photos, based on PhotoTweaks. It can let user drag, rotate, scale the image, and crop it. You will find it mimics the interaction of on iOS 9. :]

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IGRPhotoTweaksViewController is a base interface for YourPhotoTweaksViewController. IGRPhotoTweaksViewController offers all the operations to crop the photo, which includes translation, rotate and scale.

To use it,

override func prepare(for segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?) {
    if segue.identifier == "showCrop" {

        let yourCropViewController = segue.destination as! YourPhotoTweaksViewController
        yourCropViewController.image = sender as! UIImage
        yourCropViewController.delegate = self;

self.cropAction() is the func calls the edit done action.

self.dismissAction() is the func calls the cancel edit action.

self.changedAngel(value: radians) is the func to set rotation angle.

self.setCropAspectRect(aspect: "9:16") is the func to set aspect ratio for crop view.

self.resetAspectRect() is the func resets all previous aspect ratio.

self.resetView() is the func resets all previous actions.

Get the cropped image

extension ViewController: IGRPhotoTweakViewControllerDelegate {
    func photoTweaksController(_ controller: IGRPhotoTweakViewController, didFinishWithCroppedImage croppedImage: UIImage) {
        self.imageView?.image = croppedImage
        _ = controller.navigationController?.popViewController(animated: true)

    func photoTweaksControllerDidCancel(_ controller: IGRPhotoTweakViewController) {
        _ = controller.navigationController?.popViewController(animated: true)

Setup IGRPhotoTweaks Controller

override func viewDidLoad() {

    self.isAutoSaveToLibray = true

Setup/Control Angle

fileprivate func setupSlider() {
    self.angleSlider?.minimumValue = -Float(IGRRadianAngle.toRadians(45))
    self.angleSlider?.maximumValue = Float(IGRRadianAngle.toRadians(45))
    self.angleSlider?.value = 0.0

@IBAction func onChandeAngleSliderValue(_ sender: UISlider) {
    let radians: CGFloat = CGFloat(sender.value)
    self.changeAngle(radians: radians)

Customize View

override open func setupThemes() {
    IGRCropLine.appearance().backgroundColor =
    IGRCropGridLine.appearance().backgroundColor = UIColor.yellow
    IGRCropCornerView.appearance().backgroundColor = UIColor.purple
    IGRCropCornerLine.appearance().backgroundColor =
    IGRCropMaskView.appearance().backgroundColor =
    IGRPhotoContentView.appearance().backgroundColor = UIColor.gray
    IGRPhotoTweakView.appearance().backgroundColor = UIColor.brown

override open func customBorderColor() -> UIColor {

override open func customBorderWidth() -> CGFloat {
    return 2.0

override open func customCornerBorderWidth() -> CGFloat {
    return 4.0

override open func customCropLinesCount() -> Int {
    return 3

override open func customGridLinesCount() -> Int {
    return 4

override open func customCornerBorderLength() -> CGFloat {
    return 30.0

override open func customIsHighlightMask() -> Bool {
    return true

override open func customHighlightMaskAlphaValue() -> CGFloat {
    return 0.3


IGRPhotoTweaks.xcodeproj -> IGRPhotoTweaks target /Example


IGRPhotoTweaks is available on CocoaPods. Add the follwing to your Podfile:

pod 'IGRPhotoTweaks', '~> 1.0.0'

Alternatively, you can manually drag the IGRPhotoTweaks folder into your Xcode project.


Not works in Objective-C


If using with an existing UIImagePickerController, be sure to set allowsEditing = NO otherwise you may force the user to crop with the native editing tool before showing IGRPhotoTweaksViewController.