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Alex Rupérez

Published: 26 Nov 15:08
I starred lyft/set-simulator-location at GitHub.
CLI for setting location in the iOS simulator
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This is a simple CLI for easily setting the location of the currently running iOS Simulator.


Set a specific latitude and longitude:

$ set-simulator-location -c 37.7765 -122.3918

Or using place search:

$ set-simulator-location -q Lyft HQ San Francisco

By default the location is set on all booted simulators. If you'd like to change it for only one of the booted simulators you can pass -s followed by the simulator's display name:

$ set-simulator-location -q Lyft HQ San Francisco -s iPhone X

NOTE: If you have multiple booted simulators with the same name, the location will be set on all of them.


With homebrew:

$ brew install lyft/formulae/set-simulator-location

With a precompiled release:

  1. Download the latest release from here
  2. Install it some place in your $PATH


$ make install

I have submitted a Radar to have this behavior added to simctl.


To work on set-simulator-location you can make your changes and run make to build from the command line. If you'd prefer to work in Xcode you can run make xcode to generate a project using SwiftPM.