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Alex Rupérez

Published: 18 Jan 16:36
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ODEON - Remade

This project is one of my "quick as possible" projects where I attempt to build a new application within a holiday away from work.

In this case I had just 7 days to try and build an ODEON (Cinema) application inspired by this tweet.

Part of this project was breaking down the ODEON app and beginning to understand their internal APIs, business logic and apps behaviour in order to mimic.

In the end I made use of many ODEON APIs as well as TheMovieDB APIs in order to create a valuable experience for users. The full guide on my project can be read in a Medium article.

Running the Project

In order to run this project, once you have cloned the repository, you will need to define a new environment variable in the shared scheme available.

MOVIEDB_API_KEY should be set to the API key you can get from TheMovieDB.


All Pods dependencies have been checked in for your convenience. As part of this project I also wanted to experiment with something new which is why I began using PromiseKit.

Why Open Source this?

This project was built within a week. Mistakes were made, things were rushed and ultimately the end product is not the highest quality thing I can create. However, I had fun creating it and wanted to share it with others - if nothing else but to discuss and justify!