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Alex Rupérez

Published: 30 Jan 12:04
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An exporter from a LinkedIn profile to JSON Résumé
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This is a small site that allows you to generate a JSON output compatible with JSON Résumé (version 0.0.0) from your LinkedIn profile.

You first need to download a copy of your data through LinkedIn's Data Export Page, and then select that file from this project page.

Try the demo on

LinkedIn API?

Due to some changes in the LinkedIn API the exporter will no longer have access to the user's full profile from LinkedIn nor contact information. Unfortunately there is no way for this app to ask for that data through the LinkedIn OAuth gateway anymore. See

Running it locally

Just start a server and browse the files. You don't need to install anything to run it if you are not going to make changes in the code.


Install the dependencies running:

npm install

To start developing run:

npm run start

To build the project in production mode run:

npm run build

and serve the files from the dist folder.