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Alex Rupérez

Published: 13 Feb 12:01
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Esoteric Swift

A collection of obscure Swift programs

This project aims to collect bizarre (but "legal") Swift programs that the community produces. Like esoteric programming languages, but for weird or nonsensical shit we can do in Swift that actually compiles. For fun purposes only.

The less comprehensible, the better — just like normal code.


  1. BasicJoe Groff
  2. Vulgar FractionsNate Cook
  3. Never AbsurdPoint-Free
  4. UncertaintyMatteo Comisso
  5. Never ExistsTom Quist
  6. Bad BoolzRonald Martin


Pull requests welcome.

  1. Code must compile (lol duh)
  2. Include code as a Swift playground
  3. Link to original author / source / references in comments
  4. Update this README "Contents" section

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