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Alex Rupérez

Published: 27 Feb 11:51
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NMDatePicker: Custom OS X Date Picker

Carthage compatible

NSDatePicker replacement allowing for appearance customisation.


NMDatePicker preview


  • custom date picker size,
  • custom font size and colour,
  • custom colours for date picker background, selected day, highlighted day.
  • particular days can be marked with a bullet symbol.
  • can be created in code or in Interface Builder


There are two alternative ways to install NMDatePicker:

  • Add NMDatePicker.swift and NMDatePickerDayView.swift to your project,
  • Add NMDatePicker framework using Carthage dependency manager.


  • OS X 10.11 or later
  • Swift 4.0 or later

Delegate Methods

This method notifies about the date selected in the date picker.
func nmDatePicker(_ datePicker: NMDatePicker, selectedDate: Date)   
Optional method that allows to adjust date picker height   
when the number of rows is changing between months.    
optional func nmDatePicker(_ datePicker: NMDatePicker, newSize: NSSize) 

You can use analogous methods in Objective-C code.

Demo Apps

NMDate Picker can be used from both Swift and Objective-C code. See demo apps:

  • TestApp1: example Swift application containing NMDatePicker view created in code.
  • TestApp2: example Swift application containing NMDatePicker view created in Interface Builder.
  • TestApp3: example Objective-C application containing NMDatePicker view created in code.
  • TestApp4: NMDatePicker used as a framework via Carthage dependency manager.


NMDatePicker is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.