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Alex Rupérez

Published: 27 Feb 11:50
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QRCode 🔳

Build Status Carthage compatible Swift 3.0

A QRCode generator written in Swift.

QRCode Example


Create a new QRCode representing a URL, a string or arbitrary data. The following examples all result in the same QRCode image.

// URL
let url = URL(string: "")!
let qrCode = QRCode(url)

// String
let qrCode = QRCode("")

// NSData
let data = "".data(using: .isoLatin1)!
let qrCode = QRCode(data)

Customize the output image

Make sure to declare your QRCode instance as a variable in order make use of the following features.

Adjust Output Size

Change the output size of the QRCode output image via the size property.

qrCode.size = CGSize(width: 300, height: 300)
qrCode.image // UIImage (300x300)


Modify the colors of the QRCode output image via color and backgroundColor properties.

qrCode.color = CIColor(rgba: "16a085")
qrCode.backgroundColor = CIColor(rgba: "000")
qrCode.image // UIImage (green QRCode color and black background)

Note: The above examples make use of the CIColor extension that ships with this project to create colors based on HEX strings.

UIImageView extension

For convenience, a UIImageView extension is provided to directly initialize an image view with an instance of QRCode.

let imageView = UIImageView(qrCode: qrCode)

Emoji alias

In case you love emoji as much as I do, make sure to create your QRCode instance using the 🔳 typealias.

let qrCode = 🔳("")

Version Compatibility

Current Swift compatibility breakdown:

Swift Version Framework Version
3.0 2.x
2.3 1.x
2.2 0.x



Add the following line to your Cartfile.

github "aschuch/QRCode"

Then run carthage update.


Add the following line to your Podfile.

pod "QRCode"

Then run pod install with Cocoapods 0.36 or newer.


Just drag and drop the three .swift files in the QRCode folder into your project.


Open the Xcode project and press ⌘-U to run the tests.

Alternatively, all tests can be run from the terminal using xctool.

xctool -scheme QRCodeTests -sdk iphonesimulator test


  • Snapshot Tests
  • Support transparent backgrounds


  • Create something awesome, make the code better, add some functionality, whatever (this is the hardest part).
  • Fork it
  • Create new branch to make your changes
  • Commit all your changes to your branch
  • Submit a pull request


Feel free to get in touch.