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Alex Rupérez

Published: 11 Mar 09:05
I starred globchastyy/SwiftUIImageEffects at GitHub.
Swift port of Apple UIImage+UIImageEffecs category.
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SwiftUIImageEffects is swift port from Apple UIImage+ImageEffects category. Made for practicing purpose.


To use this extension just add file Source/UIImageEffects.swift to your project. See example project.

image = image.applyLightEffect()
image = image.applyExtraLightEffect()
image = image.applyTintEffectWithColor(UIColor.blueColor())
image = image.applyBlurWithRadius(20, tintColor: UIColor(white: 0.11, alpha: 0.73), saturationDeltaFactor: 1.8)

Desription from original project:

Blurring and Tinting an Image Using the Accelerate Framework

UIImageEffects shows how to create and apply blur and tint effects to an image using the vImage, Quartz, and UIKit frameworks. The vImage framework is suited for high-performance image processing. Using vImage, your app gets all the benefits of vector processing without the need for you to write vectorized code.

Using the Sample

  1. Launch the UIImageEffects project using Xcode.
  2. Make sure the project's current target is set to UIImageEffects.
  3. Build and run the UIImageEffects target.
  4. Tap the device screen (or click the simulator screen) to cycle through the effects.

You’ll notice that the app is very responsive despite the calculation-intense blur effects.


================================================== Copyright (C) 2013 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.