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Alex Rupérez

Published: 23 Mar 09:24
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Switch between storefronts on the iOS App Store with ease.
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Currently non-functional on iOS 13 due to changes in the App Store.

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DevSwitch for iOS

DevSwitch is a developer utility that allows developers to switch their storefront to easily check their app's rankings, features and more. With a list of every storefront available, DevSwitch is the ultimate storefront switching app. Bookmark your apps to easily change a store then check their localisations, reviews and features.

Key Features:

  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Quick Actions
  • Favoriting Storefronts
  • URL Schemes for inter-app integration
  • App Bookmarking

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Getting involved

Please feel free to participate in this open source project. I'd love to see Pull Requests, Bug Reports, ideas and any other positive contributions from the community!

Building the code

  1. Clone the repository:
    git clone
  2. Pull in the project dependencies:
    cd DevSwitch
    sh ./
  3. Open DevSwitch.xcworkspace in Xcode.
  4. Build the DevSwitch scheme in Xcode.

Code Signing

If fails to correctly offer your Apple Team ID, please follow this guide to manually add it.

  1. After running the script in the setup instructions navigate to:
  2. Add your Apple Team ID in this file:

Team IDs look identical to provisioning profile UUIDs, so make sure this is the correct one.

The entire Local directory is included in the .gitignore, so these changes are not tracked by source control. This allows code signing without making tracked changes. Updating this file will only sign the DevSwitch target for local builds.

Finding Team IDs

The easiest known way to find your team ID is to log into your Apple Developer account. After logging in, the team ID is currently shown at the end of the URL:<TEAM ID>

Use this string literal in the above, DevTeam.xcconfig file to code sign


Thanks to everyone for their support in development and throughout the initial review process that failed and a particular thanks to @kylehickinson for the suggestion to use Brave's .xcconfig based setup for local development signing. Credit to @jhreis for the initial implementation that I based this upon.

Open Source & Copying

DevSwitch is licensed under MIT so that you can use any code in your own apps, if you choose.

However, please do not ship this app under your own account. Paid or free. Not that Apple will accept it.